The idea selector

During a brainstorming session, participants generally do not have too much difficulty in diverging and generating original ideas. But when it comes to converging, they often limit themselves to the most familiar ideas: complicated solutions to implement, difficult decisions to make, limited resources, etc.

The How Now Wow (or Originality-Difficulty Matrix) is a visual tool that forces participants to weigh each idea according to 2 parameters: originality and difficulty. To create an effective and innovative action plan, it is sometimes necessary to think outside the box.

🧠 Who: when a group or team needs to stimulate their creativity to solve…

Changing hats to think differently

In our thinking, we are all subconsciously influenced by our emotions, beliefs or judgments. But to solve a problem, we sometimes need to step back and analyze the situation from a different angle.

The “Six Thinking Hats” or “Bono 6 Hats Method” is a thinking method that pushes us out of our usual way of thinking.

You will take on different roles, symbolized by different colored hats, and observe a given situation from different angles and without judgment.

Free your mind and let out all possible alternatives!

🧠 Who: in a group (including 1 facilitator) or alone :)
When: when…

Go fishing for solutions

The Fishbone is a tool to search for the different causes of a problem.
Also called Ishikawa diagram (after its creator) or cause & effect diagram, this visual tool reminiscent fish skeleton graphically represents the causes leading to a situation or a problem.

🧠 Who: a team or a work group with various profiles
When: before launching a project, when you encounter a difficulty in your activity
Duration: 50 min
Objective: discover the root cause of a problem

The course meeting

1️⃣ Define the problem 🚨 (10 min)

The head of the fish represents the problem to be solved. Make sure everyone is on the same page…

To satisfy a customer, put yourself in their shoes

The empathy map is used to improve customer experience. To do this, you’ll put yourself in the shoes of a typical customer in order to understand their feelings and needs.

This workshop was created by Dave Gray, a Visual Thinking specialist who was inspired by a game called “Empathy Map Game”. It has become famous in the context of Agile management, and has been modernized over time to become what we know today.

🧠 Who: a team of 3 to 10 people
When: at the beginning of the project (implementation, changes, new service…)
Duration: 50 min
Objective: understand your customers’…

Would you like to go back to the future?

This workshop allows you to project yourself in a more or less near future to identify and anticipate each action to be implemented for the success of a project.

We turned your crystal ball into a template.

Both fun and interactive, this template is perfect if you’re starting a new project.

Project yourself into the future

The workshop is based on studies in cognitive psychology that have examined how we think about the future.

For example, if you ask participants “What should the product do ?”, you’ll get a multitude of trivial and unconstructive answers. …

We all know this 4 box matrix but are we really using it in the right way? If you want to have the answer to this question, you can find it here.

The business strategy tool

Assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is an essential process for any project. The SWOT matrix allows you to assess your current situation, analyze the environment in which you operate and identify your possibilities to achieve your goals.

To come up with a successful strategy, you first need to ask yourself the right questions.

This is THE moment of truth. Be as honest as possible.

🧠 Who: your…

The simplest tools are often the most effective. What could be better than a calendar and post-its to organize tasks?

Here is the template for the 12 months of the year to use in Yellow.

Quickly view the availabilities. Move your post-its freely. And add some color! 🌈

To be used without moderation during your team points to better collaborate:

  • Keep track of project deadlines 🟨
  • Share important events 🟧
  • Choose the date of the next meetings 🟩
  • Etc. 🟦 🟪 ⬜️

Import the calendar in Yellow now

📦 Download the template

All in the same boat!

Risk management isn’t the most fun part of a project, but it’s essential. Lack of resources, lack of time, lack of budget… the risks of a project failing are numerous.

To successfully complete a project, all collaborators must share the same objectives but also know the path to follow.

For this, there is a simple activity to implement : the Speedboat.

Fun and visual, it’s a collaborative game that helps identify strengths and weaknesses of a project and co-construct an action plan. The boat metaphor is quite telling: everyone is part of the journey!

🧠 Who: a team
When: at…

Optimize your task management

Kanban is an agile method of visual project management. It was created by Taiichi Ōno for Toyota in 1950 to optimize the carmaker’s production capacity.

The goal? To group all the tasks into a single page for a better view.

It’s a visual method that allows to have an overview of the progress of a project, to identify areas of concern and limit ongoing tasks. You can see at a glance what needs to be done, what the team is working on, what the priorities are and what has been accomplished.

🧠 Who: your team
Preparation: initialization of the board…

We are launching a series of articles named “Yellow Toolbox” to help you energize your meetings with post-its. Each article will aim to describe a template: how to make good use of them? In what context should you use them?

With these templates, give a new dimension to your meetings and gain in efficiency with more structued contents.

The essential meeting for your team

For the first article, we’ll focus on a well-known management tool : the weekly team meeting.

This meeting brings together the entire team each week to review activities. It’s an opportunity to get together, share information, keep yourself informed of progress and…


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