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Be your own coach

The good habits that we have promised to follow require us more and more effort when the motivation of the beginnings disappears. A solution to preserve this precious motivation is to view its progress.

The monitoring of habits is a dashboard or a newspaper that allows you to follow your daily habits. Simple and powerful, this tool will help you achieve your goals and improve your habits.

📆 When: every day.
Duration: a few seconds :)
Goal: help maintain habits while keeping a trace of daily habits.

How to use the board

To use this tool, simply create a board in which you note the habits you want to develop.

Each day, check ✅, color 🖍 or add a sticker 🔵 Whenever you do the habit.

As in a newspaper, do not hesitate to personalize your board and leave small notes.

No more excuses to skip the ritual! Thanks to digital, you always have your board on hand.

Good reasons to use Habit Tracker👍

  • Motivation: even when it seems difficult or you have the impression of not progressing enough quickly, it will remind you that you should not drop.
  • Flexibility: Some habits may not work for you or you should add new ones… so do not hesitate to improve your board.
  • Private and pro: the habits you develop will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life.

Tracking habits can also help you achieve your long -term goals by keeping the right track and making you work regularly towards your goal.

Small habits, great successes!

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