💡 How Now Wow | Toolbox #10

The idea selector

During a brainstorming session, participants generally do not have too much difficulty in diverging and generating original ideas. But when it comes to converging, they often limit themselves to the most familiar ideas: complicated solutions to implement, difficult decisions to make, limited resources, etc.

The course of the meeting

1️⃣ Idea generation 💡 (10min)

First, start with a creative phase where each participant will write their ideas on post-its.

2️⃣ Workshop presentation (5min)

The template is a 2x2 table. The ‘x’ axis represents Originality and the ‘y’ axis represents Difficulty.

3️⃣ Pooling 🧠 (30 min)

First, merge similar ideas and remove duplicates or out-of-scope actions. Discuss each idea and make sure the entire team has a mutual understanding of what it entails.

Good reasons to use the Originality-Difficulty matrix 👍

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Participants can push their limits and let their imagination run wild.
  • Helps to reflect and organize thoughts collaboratively.
  • Ensure feasibility of actions and determine when to implement them.

Import the template in Yellow now

📦 Download the template

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