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2 min readJun 29, 2021

Optimize your task management

Kanban is an agile method of visual project management. It was created by Taiichi Ōno for Toyota in 1950 to optimize the carmaker’s production capacity.

The goal? To group all the tasks into a single page for a better view.

It’s a visual method that allows to have an overview of the progress of a project, to identify areas of concern and limit ongoing tasks. You can see at a glance what needs to be done, what the team is working on, what the priorities are and what has been accomplished.

🧠 Who: your team
Preparation: initialization of the board at the beginning of the project
When: update as soon as a task changes status
Duration: until the end of the project

The template

Basically, the template is made of 3 columns (to do / in progress / done), each column representing a task status. For our use (software development), we have customized it by adding 2 extra columns (backlog / waiting). All you have to do is fill it in!

How to set up your board?

  • Take your backlog and create one post-it per task.
  • Use different colors to visually differentiate task types.
  • Add the avatar of each collaborator.

1️⃣ Backlog: All requirements/stories.

2️⃣ To do: Prioritized tasks + unexpected tasks (bugs, customer requests).

3️⃣ In progress: The tasks the team is working on.
➡Allows you to alert if many tasks are in progress, identify sticking points.

4️⃣ Waiting: Blocked tasks (that require a return or need to be tested).
➡ Allows the task to move forward but without forgetting that it is still pending and not completely done.

5️⃣ Done : Finish line! 🏁

Adapt to your team

To gain in efficiency, you can expand the methodology according to your needs.

For example :

  • Estimating stories — Provoke discussion and make sure everyone has a clear idea of what needs to be done.
  • Metrics analysis — Number of stories delivered, number of days per story, etc.
  • Continuous improvement — Create a feedback loop with retrospective meetings every 1–2 weeks.

Unlike Scrum where people tend to be more concerned about time than quality, Kanban method gives more freedom and ensures that priorities are finished first. Less stress for the team, more agility. Small or great project, the key to success is good organization 🥇

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