🎩 Six Thinking Hats | Toolbox #9

Changing hats to think differently

In our thinking, we are all subconsciously influenced by our emotions, beliefs or judgments. But to solve a problem, we sometimes need to step back and analyze the situation from a different angle.

The course of the meeting

1️⃣ Workshop presentation 👨‍🏫 (10 min)

To begin, explain the problem to the participants and how the workshop will be conducted.

2️⃣ The Role play 🎩 (50+ min)

For each role, participants will write their ideas on different colored post-its. Allow the same amount of time for each hat.

Good reasons to use Six Thinking Hats 👍

  • Engage everyone with a user-friendly exercise
  • Analyze a situation from new angles
  • Generate new ideas
  • Stimulate creativity

Import the template in Yellow now

📦 Download the template

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