🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Weekly | Toolbox #1

We are launching a series of articles named “Yellow Toolbox” to help you energize your meetings with post-its. Each article will aim to describe a template: how to make good use of them? In what context should you use them?

With these templates, give a new dimension to your meetings and gain in efficiency with more structued contents.

The essential meeting for your team

This meeting brings together the entire team each week to review activities. It’s an opportunity to get together, share information, keep yourself informed of progress and also strengthen the team. But more broadly, this meeting aligns the team with a vision and motivates them to follow that vision.

🧠 Who: your team
When: once a week, ideally always on the same day (find a time when everyone is available and least likely to be disturbed)
Duration: 1h max
Facilitator: manager, team leader
Preparation: yes (as often, efficiency rhymes with preparation)

The template

1️⃣ Team mood ☀️ (10 min)

2️⃣ What’s new 📰 (15 min)

  • How is the company doing financially?
  • What is the business context?
  • What are the key decisions?
  • Where are we on the projects ?

It’s important to share the same vision, to discuss about the goal #1 as a team and to understand why and how each person’s actions today will impact long-term results.

3️⃣ Top 👍 (5 min)

4️⃣ Fail 👎 (10 min)

5️⃣ Points of attention 🚨 (15 min)

From week to week, you can keep the post-its so next time you can check if a task has been completed.

6️⃣ Infos 📣 (5 min)

As you can see, the Weekly team meeting is an essential meeting to know your current situation, to ensure good results and to keep your team together! 🤜🤛

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