⛵️ Speedboat | Toolbox #3

All in the same boat!

Risk management isn’t the most fun part of a project, but it’s essential. Lack of resources, lack of time, lack of budget… the risks of a project failing are numerous.

The template

1️⃣ Workshop presentation 🎯 (5 min)

Before you begin, explain the rules to participants:

2️⃣ Idea generation💡 (10 min)

Each participant fills in their post-its (or by group). Set a minimum and maximum number of ideas. Set a post-it color for each item to make it easier to share ideas:

3️⃣ Pooling 🧠 (30 min)

Now it’s time for interaction! Participants will take turns placing their post-its on the board and talk about their ideas.

4️⃣ Discussion 🗣 (30 min)

Once everyone has placed their post-its, some points will naturally stand out among the others. Others will require discussion. Then look for solutions collectively:

  • “What strategy should we adopt to limit the barriers?”

During the project

Throughout the project or at the end of the sprints (during retrospectives), you can use the Speedboat in your continuous improvement loop: take stock on what has enabled the team to move forward, the problems encountered and possible improvements.

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