🗺 Empathy Map | Toolbox #7

To satisfy a customer, put yourself in their shoes

The empathy map is used to improve customer experience. To do this, you’ll put yourself in the shoes of a typical customer in order to understand their feelings and needs.

The course of the meeting

1️⃣ Workshop presentation🎯 (5 min)

Take a few minutes to explain the context to your team. Indeed, in this exercise you’ll have to put yourself in the place of a client that you’ll develop yourself.

2️⃣ Developing a persona 🧑 (5 min)

The first step is to define this customer. Give him all the characteristics that correspond with your target. Imagine THE person you want to have as a customer:

3️⃣ Idea generation💡 (10 min)

The participants will then put themselves in the persona’s shoes and fill in the post-its.
To simplify the sharing of ideas, 1 box = 1 color of post-it.

4️⃣ Pooling 🧠 (30 min)

Each member of the team then places their post-its on the board.
This vote will allow you to discuss the common answers and to analyze those that are completely different.

3 goods reasons to use the Empathy Map 👍

  • Understand the environment of your customer in order to offer him a suitable product or experience.
  • Find the right way to communicate in order to reach your target.
  • Understand and solve problems identified during the customer journey.

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